The Milestone Electricity Alliance is the ONLY full service residential electricity broker in Texas.  We make understanding and overcoming the hassles of electricity deregulation easier for every customer.

After 10 years of electricity deregulation in Texas, consumers in “choice” areas have to select from a seemingly never ending supply of energy companies promising lower electricity rates, including multi-level marketing companies offering the promise of getting rich selling electricity to your friends and neighbors.

Unfortunately, these are the only companies that can “bill” you for electricity and are called Retail Electricity Providers (REP’s) This includes TXU, Reliant, Ambit, Direct and dozens of others, but not one of them actually delivers electricity, they are all resellers.

The only companies that can actually deliver your electricity in deregulated areas are ONCOR, Centerpoint, AEP or Texas New Mexico Power (TNMP). Therefore, people are confused about what it means to “switch” electricity companies and most people just stay with their incumbent providers and pay 20% to 40% too much for their electricity.

At the Milestone Electricity Alliance, we combine your purchasing power with thousands of other Texans just like you. The Milestone Electricity Alliance is a registered electricity aggregator with the Public Utility Commission of Texas and as such is chartered to negotiate electricity rates for our customers with the REP’s. 

We will completely manage our customer’s electricity purchases, contracts, and billing and promise 100% customer satisfaction!